Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Welcome . . . .

Thank you so much for stopping by this evening!

Should you like to purchase, please use this email :

** Pieces are sold via first email first serve.
I do my best to answer emails as swiftly as I can but it can take a little bit.

** Please include your payment preference.
If pay pal or credit card, the appropriate invoice will be emailed for 
you to fill out on your end. If by check my address will be given.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Coming soon . . .

Won't you join me?

A showing of Sewing creations!
Sunday evening ~ June 18th. ~ 8pm EST

New items will appear at 8pm EST. here on the gallery page.
(Make sure to refresh your page to see them!)

If you would like to purchase please send an email with the item number
or title of the piece and your intention to purchase.
Items are sold on a "first email first serve" basis.
I will answer emails as swiftly as possible.

Thank you,
Lori Ann