Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Merry Friends

Please join me to greet:
The Merriest of Friends . . .
Wednesday, December 19th 
5pm EST

*** Please note: Due to the craziness that is life, pieces will be listed in my
"Mercantile" shop this time.
(Link above)
The shop has a shopping cart and uses pay pal for check out.
There will be times that 2 or more people have an item in their cart, and the first person to check out will get it.  
I do apologize ahead of time for any disappointments in the format, but with my mother in rehab at the holidays, I'm quite scattered and can't find time to offer these pieces any other way.
I also cannot promise receiving pieces before Christmas, we will do our best to get them shipped right away, but I fear time is fleeting!

Thank you so much for understanding!
Lori Ann